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Balsamic vinegar cream with chili peppers

Balsamic vinegar cream with chili peppers

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Spicy balsamic vinegar cream with chili peppers

This quite spicy, but perfectly balanced, balsamic vinegar cream has a pleasant caramel spice, sweet and sour taste. It goes well not only with meat and salads, but can also be combined with fruits, ice cream, desserts, cheeses, etc. Balsamic vinegar creams are a classic that, like oils, should be chosen according to taste and quality. Expressive, aromatic, natural chilli, orange, basil, truffle, pomegranate and fig balsamic vinegar creams - for creatives and regulars. Rich, creamy, fragrant, exquisite. The climate of the Kalamata region, quality raw materials and still not the most expensive suppliers create favorable conditions for producing particularly good and tasty balsamic vinegar and cream at a competitive price. The modern family factory is one of the few producers of balsamic vinegars in Greece, whose production also travels to Italy.

Suitable for use: to season salads, to season vegetable stews, to season meat or fish dishes, with hard cheese and sweet fruits, to flavor ice cream, pickling, thick soups.

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