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Caramel, date caramel - set discount (5 pcs)

Caramel, date caramel - set discount (5 pcs)

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Caramel - date caramel without added sugar and without milk. No one believes the story, but it's true - without dairy products, without refined sugar, thermally unprocessed, but sweet, delicious and... with love! It is best for 2 months from the date of manufacture, but Caramel has never stayed with anyone for more than a week!

Made with dates, organic oat cream, sugar-free petimezi grape syrup, which the Greeks heat slowly and patiently for a day.

Great with fresh fruit, cottage cheese or baked goods, but it's best just spooned up!

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Ingredients: top quality dates 54%, coconut cream, coconut oil, caramelized grape must, bean tree fruit syrup. No added sugar, no preservatives, no dairy, no lactose, no nuts, unpasteurized, vegan friendly packaging. Storage conditions: +2-+6°C, after opening we recommend consumption within 1 month. Net quantity: 165ml. Nutrition declaration (100g nutrition): energy value 330Kcal/1268kJ, protein 3g, carbohydrates/sugars* 80.9g/75.6g, fat 0.4g (of which saturated fatty acids 0.3g), sodium/salt 0.00g. *Natural sugars, no added sugar! Manufacturer: NEČIA farm, Lithuania, (Trakų district),, +37069937833
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There is such a magical place, in the middle of forests and meadows, called Netia. In it, we, Ieva and Artūras NeČiauskas, who have a delicious life, conjure flavors and hang them with spoons of joy. We put a pinch of this magic in each of our products and send it to your tables!