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Organic extra pure CRETAN MYTHOS olive oil from Crete

Organic extra pure CRETAN MYTHOS olive oil from Crete

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Organic, unfiltered extra virgin olive oil from the famous olive groves of Crete! Cretan Mythos

Intense flavor, organic unfiltered Cretan oil! This oil is pressed from the first unripe olives and is called "agureleo" (green and fresh). The most valuable oil is unfiltered, so this organic oil was not filtered before bottling at our request. This oil is pressed at the mills around EverCrete, located in the province of Chania, Crete. We have been testing this oil in our personal kitchen for several years and we can confidently say that it is worth the attention of experienced tasters who really like a bright flavored oil. Pure, organic olive oil at a reasonable price. The oil has preserved its "life" and Cretan character: strong aroma, bright taste, green color, honey thickness and vital polyphenols! For health and taste every day!

Acidity: 0.37%. Polyphenols: 416mg/liter. Quantities are limited!

Shake before use. The oil is unfiltered, so natural deposits are possible. Delicious and healthy!

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Ingredients: Cold pressed organic olive oil (100%). Store in a cool, dark place. Place of origin: Chania province, Crete, Greece. Distributor: KALALAMAT.LT, UAB SPVG, Lithuania,, +37069937833
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