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The most popular set 3x165ml

The most popular set 3x165ml

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Pesto of basil, dried tomatoes and peppers - the golden trio! We believe that there is no need to present the classic, basil #skanausiauspastopasouli. Meanwhile, sundried tomato and pepper pesto, both with habanero peppers. Not too much to burn, not too little to heat savory. These three are our business card of all time and the ideal set for brunch, dinner with friends, gathering of friends. Sourdough or baguette + these three = joy

The set includes:

  • Basil Pesto 155ml
  • Dried Tomato Pesto 155ml
  • Peperesto, paprika Pesto 155ml

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    There is such a magical place, in the middle of forests and meadows, called Netia. In it, we, Ieva and Artūras NeČiauskas, who have a delicious life, conjure flavors and hang them with spoons of joy. We put a pinch of this magic in each of our products and send it to your tables!