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Sun-dried tomatoes

Sun-dried tomatoes

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Premium class sun-dried tomatoes

Sweet, intensely flavored, soft and juicy sun-dried tomatoes (200g in vacuum packaging), minimally salted, without preservatives, without pesticide residues! In quotation marks, because these tomatoes are dried with the help of geothermal heat energy, in special containers (protected from direct sunlight, which actually breaks down useful vitamins and some minerals).

These dried tomatoes are dried using a unique method, are of exceptional quality and have an incomparable taste!

Only high-quality tomatoes for drying are carefully selected from strictly controlled farms and harvests (tomatoes are grown in the fertile plains around the Delta of the Nesta River) and dried in moderate temperature conditions using geothermal energy, thus protecting the final product from direct sunlight, which actually breaks down the beneficial vitamins and some minerals. Before drying, tomatoes are washed, sorted according to quality parameters and cut.

The drying process takes place at 55-58°C in tunnel "ovens", natural hot air is introduced into the oven in a small continuous flow and slowly dries the tomatoes, preserving the intense natural taste, the original color of the tomatoes, and the cell structure.

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