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Fresh, extra pure KALAMATA olive oil 2022.12. harvest

Fresh, extra pure KALAMATA olive oil 2022.12. harvest

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Extremely pure, unmixed and undiluted extra virgin cold virgin superior olive oil. The oil is acrid, slightly tickling the throat, which confirms its quality and value. Stable olive oil from a responsible producer that has preserved its "life": aroma, taste, color, purity and polyphenols! Olive variety - Koroneiki 100%, oil harvesting/pressing - December (sometimes - November), oil pressing method - cold, mechanical first pressing (up to 27C), oil not filtered and not mixed with other oils and not mixed with oils from previous harvests. We recommend: for seasoning salads, green sauces, pasta, vegetables, fish and white meat. It can be safely used for baking, because it is filtered! Best before: 18 months from squeezing, but can be used up to 2-2.5 years after squeezing. Store in a dry, cool place (+12-+25°C, but cooler is possible).

Place of origin: Greece, Kalamata. Distributor: KALAMATA.LT, UAB "SPVG",,, +370 699 37833

Nutrition declaration (100g nutrition): energy value 824kcal/3389kJ, protein 0g, carbohydrates 0g, fat 91.4g (of which saturated fatty acids 12.8g, monounsaturated fatty acids 70.5g, polyunsaturated fatty acids 8.3g), cholesterol 0mg , sodium/salt 0g.

Acidity* 0.32%
Polyphenols* 282 mg/liter
Number of peroxides <15 meq O2/kg (2022.12 harvest: 6.5 meq O2/kg)
Wax content <150 mg/kg
UV Absorption: K270 - 0.154, K232 - 1.94, DK - -0.004
*December 2022 harvest

How do we choose the best oil? Every year we ourselves go to Greece, Kalamata region, where we help our friends, Greek farmers, to harvest olives (sometimes, thanks to our friends, we download samples from other mills, get their recommendations!). We monitor how the oil is pressed, control the bottling of the oil, take care of the transportation and bring it home. First for yourself, and then for everyone who appreciates quality, pure products and flavors!

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